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The Power of Volunteering

Posted in - Volunteer on February 5th 2013 0 Comments Free Technique Relay Race

Since moving to a smaller city a couple years ago I’ve become an avid volunteer! The people that I have come into contact with have slowly started to shape and mold my future and completely change my life and outlook – I now have a vast web of highly connected people. When you do good work people notice! Then something wonderful happens; they recommend you (to people who have money to pay for your service)!

What better way to build a portfolio with concrete testimonials – if you can be great without getting paid it says a lot about your work ethic (at least I think so).

Obviously you have to find the right balance between paid and unpaid but if your starting out somewhere where no one knows you, volunteering is a good way to start.

Here’s two links to my latest adventures which have lead to a meeting with the Canada Winter Games!

BC Teck Championships

Free Technique Relay Race



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