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A Tasty Font …

Posted in - Fonts on February 16th 2013 0 Comments Salamander Script

Perhaps for a food blog, thinking text overlay on beautiful images of FOOD.

About this font: Salamander is a playful and agile script family of two weights and matching ornament sets. Click on Swash, Contextual or Stylistic alternates in any Open type savvy application for vivid alternate characters and combine with Salamander Ornaments to …

Build to Reveal vs Open with Reveal

Posted in - Design Articles on January 17th 2013 0 Comments Cupcake?

I found an interesting article on Graphic Design Blender about presenting designs to clients, which taught me something very valuable – Clients don’t care about the design process! They just want your design to “click” with their vision.

Here are 3 points made in the article:

1. You ruin the genuine experience. When …