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Build to Reveal vs Open with Reveal

Posted in - Design Articles on January 17th 2013 0 Comments Cupcake?

I found an interesting article on Graphic Design Blender about presenting designs to clients, which taught me something very valuable – Clients don’t care about the design process! They just want your design to “click” with their vision.

Here are 3 points made in the article:

1. You ruin the genuine experience. When your new logo, billboard, web sit, etc finally gets revealed for public usage/viewing, you won’t have the chance to give a build up to each viewer. So if your designs can’t stand alone (without a lecture from you), then you better take them back to the drawing board.

2. You miss out on the genuine reaction. Want to know what people really think of your designs one they go public? Then don’t build it up for your client. Reveal it immediately and pay attention to their facial expressions, their body language and their initial reaction. You’ll know if you nailed it based on this first impression you get from your client.

3. A client actually doesn’t care (gasp). As designers, we’re fascinated with the design process, right? But guess what? Your clients aren’t. They’re focused on building their business and have hired you for all that geeky design stuff.

From now on I’m going to hold my breathe a little longer and play a longer drum roll in my head when presenting design concepts to clients and if explanations are after then there’s obviously more work to be done. I don’t want to miss out on that “raw” first reaction.

Which are you? A “Build to Reveal” or an “Open with Reveal”?



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